How to Install Cyberflix TV on FireStick & Fire TV (Cyberflix TV APK)

Terrarium TV has been taken off the internet and since then we have been struggling to find a streaming service good enough to replace our favourite streaming service. There are hundreds of streaming services out there, however most of them come with broken links or servers that take forever to load, v hence are a pain to use and most users are put off streaming services due to these broken apps. However, we have found the best replica you will find for any other streaming service – Cyberflix TV APK. Cyberflix TV is one of the few streaming services which is not illegal, as it only provides us with links to streams that let us stream movies/TV shows in HD quality.

Most of the people enjoy watching movies and TV shows on bigger screens. With Cyberflix TV app on your Firestick /FireTV, you will no longer need a TV set. It provides more than what just a bunch of channels offer. You can access contents whether old or new in any language as you like. As all the video contents are in HD, you can enjoy them in high resolution. You can download videos for offline streaming also. The app is completely ad-free. Cyberflix TV is safe. It is free of cost and doesn’t even require registration. All you have to do is to download

Since the app is safe, it’s users have been constantly increasing in number and it has been overtaking most streaming services available today. To learn more about Cyberflix TV, read on as we discuss the features of Cyberflix TV and then provide a step by step tutorial of how to install Cyberflix TV on your firestick. Check out: CYBERFLIX TV APK | Download CYBERFLIX TV App on Android Devices.

Features of Cyberflix TV on FireStick and Fire TV

  • The servers are updated regularly by the developers as they strive to provide you with new content as often as possible.
  • Movies and TV shows can be streamed in whatever quality you prefer as long as you are connected to the server by a constant, fast internet connection.
  • Cyberflix TV allows you to use MX player or other video players to stream content from their servers
  • In spite of having some advertisements, the app does not bombard you with ads and does not interrupt while you are streaming content n your device.
  • The app provides you with subtitle support, hence you can find subtitles for all your favourite movies and TV shows, and while using MX player, you can also adjust the subtitle play rate to solve any syncing errors between the subtitles and the audio.
  • Absolutely free one.

Download and Install Cyberflix TV on your Firestick and Fire TV

It is the best working form of an app made to replace Terrarium TV all of it’s competitors. It provides all the important features and most importantly has a huge collection of movies and TV shows, even Netflix originals, all in one place for us to view. Here are the steps to download Cyberflix TV on firestick.

Step 1: Turn on your smart TV and turn on your firestick.

Step 2: Enter the settings of your firestick and select My Device, may be known as My Fire TV in newer versions of the firestick.

Step 3: In My Fire TV or My Device, enter the developer options of the firestick.

Step 4: Select the Installation of apps from unknown sources on your firestick setting.

Step 5: Enable the Installation of apps from unknown sources on your firestick setting.

Step 6: Go to the home page of your Firestick and then in the search bar look for downloader that you need to install downloader for firestick to install MX Player and Cyberflix TV on your firestick and stream content using it.

Step 7: Download the downloader to your firestick to download MX Player and Cyberflix TV

Step 8: Open the downloader and enter the settings of the downloader. Enable JavaScript in order to download MX Player and Cyberflix TV using the downloader.

Step 9: Enter the MX Player download URL given below to download MX Player using downloader on your firestick.

Step 10: Wait for the download of MX Player to complete on your firestick device.

Step 11: Select Next to provide MX Player with the required permissions.

Step 12: Press Install to begin the installation process of MX Player on your fire TV.

Step 13: Wait for MX Player to complete installing on your firestick.

Step 14: Delete the download file for installation of MX Player from the downloader.

Step 15: Now enter the downloader again and enter the URL for Cyberflix TV give below.

Step 16:Start the download of Cyberflix TV on your fire TV using the downloader.

Step 17: Once the download completes, begin the installation for Cyberflix TV on your fire TV.

Step 18: Select Done to provide Cyberflix TV APK with the required permission.

Step 19: Wait for the installation of Cyberflix TV to complete to your firestick device.

Step 20: Once installation is completed, delete the download file of Cyberflix TV from the downloader.

Step 21: Now open Cyberflix TV and let the app perform its initial setup.

Step 22: Grant the app with permissions required to start streaming unlimited, high quality content via Cyberflix Tv on your firestick.

Step 23: Select MX Player as the default device to stream content on your firestick.

Step 24: Read disclaimer and accept the terms and conditions and now search for your favourite movies and TV shows and start streaming content on your Fire TV using Cyberflix TV APK. Must read: Cyberflix TV on PC | Download Cyberflix TV APK on Windows 10/8/8.1 & Mac Laptop.

Fix Cyberflix TV Buffering with Real-Debrid (GUIDE)

The following tutorial will show you how to use Real-Debrid on your firestick to fix any buffering issues with Cyberflix TV.  Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader which will add new video sources within Cyberflix TV that you can choose from.  These new sources should provide better playback without any buffering and provide better quality streams.

If you would like to register for their premium service, it only costs approximately $5 per month.

Step 1: Register for Real-Debrid Account online.

Step 2: Click Settings Toggle in Cyberflix TV.

Step 3 : Click Settings in Cyberflix TV.

Step 4: Login to Real-Debrid on your device.

Step 5: Write down the authorization pass code provided online for Real-Debrid.

Step 6 : Open Real-Debrid on your fire stick browser and enter the authorization code provided in your account.

cyberflix tv FIRESTICK

Step 7 : A message appears in Cyberflix TV saying that Real-Debrid has now been authenticated.

Step 8 : You should now have unlimited access to various servers loaded in through Real-Debrid that will provide buffer-free streaming service.

Conclusion: Cyberflix TV APK Download on FireStick & Fire TV

So, we can conclude after using the app that Cyberflix TV is almost a perfection when it come to the streaming service we have running in the market today. We cannot be more thankful to have this app to replace Terrarium TV, it really is an amazing service and you must install Cyberflix TV for your firestick or Fire TV today!.

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